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Honeywell 2232244 Perfect Cutting Cut Resistance Glove
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Specifications :

1. Size 6 to 10
2. Dyneema/lycra
3. White polyurethane coating palm and fingertips

Standards :

1. CE EN 420
2. EN 388 4342

Applications :

1. Treatment of paper and cardboard
2. Flashing operations in plastic industry
3. Handling of steel bars and metal sheets
4. Assembly and mounting for mechanical subcontracting

Features :

1. Silicone free
2. For excellent dexterity and a good grip
3. The cool dyneema touch gives an added sensation of comfort
4. Restistance to cuts while showing outstanding dexterity and grip
5. For the handling of sharp parts in a dry or slightly greasy environment




Sarung Tangan Safety

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