Tuffsafe TFF-959-2140K Valved Mask Particulate Respirator
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11 Mei 2020
United Kingdom
1 Pcs


Tuffsafe TFF9592140K Valved Mask Particulate Respirator

Specifications :

1. Quantity 5 pcs/pack

2. Mask rating FFP3

3. Type valved

4. Contaminants filtered particulate

5. Assigned protection factor (APF) 20X

Standards :

1. EN149:2001

2. A1:2009

Features :

1. With exhalation valve for breathing easier

2. Polypropylene outer layers provide smooth lining

3. Fringe seal avoids open layer around the edges

4. Unique design provides very low breathing resistance

5. The compatibility of glasses or goggles and reduces fogging

6. Adjustable head strap the best seal with minimum leakage

7. For protection high toxicity harmful solid and liquid aerosols




Masker Pernapasan

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